Welcome to my portfolio page!

Below are a few examples of my work that I’ve chosen to share. I am a passionate nature photographer who is constantly seeking to hone their skills. I am also quite partial to my hometown of Spokane and try my best to capture the historic and creative essence of this city.

Springtime in Bowl & Pitcher – Spokane, Wa.
Night shot of downtown Spokane, Wa.
Magnolia tree in April – Spokane, Wa.
Marmot in Manito Park – Spokane, Wa.
Monroe St Bridge & Spokane Falls in springtime.
Pasque Flower – Spokane, Wa.
Water Lily Star Magnolia – Manito Park – Spokane, Wa.
Indian Canyon Mystic Falls – Spokane, Wa.
Looff Carrousel and the Clocktower in Riverfront Park – Spokane, Wa.