5 Great Spots for Beer in Spokane

Spokane knows good food and Spokane knows good beer. As such, we have numerous awesome options for places that combine those two things. Whether you prefer a pine dominant IPA or a hefty malt driven stout, our public houses offer a wide range of beers from near and far away breweries to satisfy your palette.… Continue reading 5 Great Spots for Beer in Spokane

Historic Homes of Browne’s Addition

It was Spokane’s first neighborhood, and the idea for Browne’s Addition arrived in 1878 with two men. At the time, Spokane was named Spokane Falls and had a population of around 50 pioneers who were independently toughing it out. The two men were A.M. Cannon and J.J. Browne, and they saw the potential that Spokane… Continue reading Historic Homes of Browne’s Addition